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Seagry Pre-school was looking to update their website and make it easy to maintain whilst keeping cost to a minimum. The pre-school’s website had been created by a former parent of the pre-school with excellent knowledge of html. However, this meant that it was very difficult to handover the maintenance of the website to new committees (made up of parents) which change on an annual basis and are unlikely to include someone with the required knowledge of html.

To overcome this problem, Alison set up a new website for Seagry pre-school using Google sites. Alison recommended Google sites for two main reasons. Firstly, it is free, which is an important consideration for a pre-school. Secondly, once the web site has been set up, it can be easily updated by anyone who is computer literate.  The new site is now being updated by a new committee and it continues to inform existing parents and to advertise the pre-school to prospective parents.

“Alison did a great job creating a website which looks good and is easy to maintain and update.” Sally Lewis, Seagry Pre-school supervisor.

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